The main test area of the High Voltage Laboratory (6.50 m high, 12 m long and 7 m wide), being enclosed in a Faraday cage and with its floor covered by a plane earth conductor, provides reliable earth connections and effective shielding against electromagnetic interference. Three control desks can be used simultaneously for composite high voltage and impulse current tests.

For the generation and measurement of the various forms of high voltages the following equipment is available:

  • 10-stage Marx generator, 1 MV/7 kJ.
  • Capacitive dividers 1 MV, 200 pF and 500 kV, 500 pF.
  • Three test transformers 2×220 V/100 kV/220 V, 5 kVA connectable in cascade arrangement.
  • Test transformer 220 V/50 kV, 5 kVA.
  • Two Glassman regulated HVDC power supplies, 125 kV/4 kW and 30 kV/120 W.
  • A system of high-voltage construction elements allowing setting up of several circuits for high voltage experiments, such as a 4-stage Marx generator 540 kV/1 kWs, a 3-stage Cockroft-Walton multiplier 420 kV/1.1 kWs and a capacitive divider 540 kV, 300 pF.
  • Impulse Current Generator 80kA, 8/20 μs.

Many suitable instruments and devices for measurements and experiments are available, such as:

  • Chamber shielded against electromagnetic radiation.
  • Pressure chamber 0-6 bar, 140 kV.
  • Sphere gaps with sphere diameter up to 75 cm.
  • PD detector 9132R Tettex Instruments combined with standard capacitors 25 kV/1 nF or 100 kV/1 nF.
  • 10t rail mounted crane.
  • Standard SF6 capacitor 38 pF, 140 kV.
  • Photomultipliers Thorn EMI 9781R.
  • Field probes and current transformers.
  • 1653B FLUKE Multifunction Installation Tester
  •  Digital storage oscilloscopes, up to 600 MHz bandwidth, and data acquisition system (NI DAC 9184-NI 9221- NI 9402).
  •  Optical fibre systems.
  • Number of High Voltage Probes and Current transformers.

Complementary to the traditional high voltage equipment, an extensive range of software is used including ATP-EMTP, Comsol Multiphysics, CYMGRD and Minitab. Also, several windows application software packages have been developed by the laboratory, available for downloading.