Courses in High Voltage Engineering

According to the curriculum of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the High Voltage Engineering education program is realized through four undergraduate courses within the Specialization on Electrical Energy, three postgraduate courses and diploma theses.

  • Generation and Measurement of High Voltages and High Currents: Compulsory course in the 6th semester, 4 hours/week and 2 hours/week practical exercise in the laboratory

Introduction to high voltage laboratory technology, Generation and measurement of HVAC, Generation and measurement of HVDC, Generation and measurement of Impulse high voltages, Generation and measurement of high-currents.

  • Applications of High Voltages: Compulsory course in the 7th semester, 4 hours/week and 2 hours/week practical exercise in the laboratory

Dielectric measurements, Detection of partial discharges, High voltages in electrical machines, Insulators, Circuit breaker technology, Insulation Coordination in for power systems, HVDC transmission systems, Miscellaneous applications of high voltages

  • Lightning Protection Systems: Elective course in the 8th semester, 4 hours/week

Lightning, Lightning protection concepts, Lightning Protection Systems (LPS), LPS Standards, LPS materials and construction, Lightning protection of electronic equipment, LPS earthing, Testing. Earthing, Earthing Systems, Standards on earthing, Earthing of transmission lines and substations, Testing.

  • Electrical breakdown-Fundamentals: Elective course in the 9th semester, 2 hours/week

Electrical breakdown of gaseous, liquid, solid and high vacuum insulation.

The postgraduate courses offered are:

  • Advanced High Voltage Measurement Techniques
  • Advanced Theory of Electrical breakdown